Making: Stenciled Onesies

I'm still catching up on sharing 12 Months of Martha projects here, and this one is from earlier this summer. It seems like we're always in need of a last minute gift for visiting new babies, so I made a supply of stenciled onesies for the latest wave arriving this summer and fall. Our newest nephew was born the day after making the sailboat onesies above, so they were nice to have on hand! They're pretty self-explanatory, but below is a recap...

-Stencils (I used these from the Martha box)
-Paint (I used navy & pink from the Martha box)
-Sponge & Cardboard

Using a washed onesie, I slid a piece of cardboard between the layers and positioned the stencil carefully -- centered on some, 'pocket' area on others (see below). A small piece of sponge worked the best for dabbing paint, holding the stencil firmly and painting all the way to the inside edges. I used the round head of a pin to add polka dots to some of the flags too. Once the paint is fully dry, roll them up and tie with your prettiest ribbon!

(This post is part of the 12 Months of Martha, using Martha Stewart Crafts provided for a project each month. I'll be donating/giving away my supplies once the projects are complete.)

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Anonymous said...

so cute! my little guy looks adorable in his little sailboat onesies!

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